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One Of A Kind Selections

MintProducts buys and sells a lot of coins that never get offered on our site. We always thought that was a shame! Because we don't have quantities of many of these coins, it's really hard to process images and write detailed descriptions for a one of a kind (and often very budget friendly) coin. Enter our "One Of A Kind Selections" sub-category. We now have the capability to quickly list numerous coins all with short but accurate descriptions (our owner has been writing coin descriptions since the 1970's)! This category will specialize in interesting collector coins and will grow and grow over time so keep watching us!

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1825/3 Bust Quarter SEGS Certified VG-8
B-2 Original and nice.
Our price: $109.99

1842 Large Cent AU-50
Nice light brown color with sharp details. A couple of minor field marks.
Our price: $139.99

1842 Seated Dollar NGC Certified AU-50
Nice original example with sharp details.
Our price: $849.99

1864-L Indian Cent VG-8
Tan to light brown color. The "L" is still visible.
Our price: $64.99

1875 Indian Cent AU-50
Nice light to medium brown with very sharp details.
Our price: $139.99

1877 Indian Cent AG/G-3+
Nice light to medium brown color. One of the keys to the series.
Our price: $329.99

1889 Three Cent Nickel NGC Certified Proof-66
A superb example which possibly deserves a higher grade. Just 3436 were minted. Listed in the NGC price guide at $760.
Our price: $659.99

1892-S Barber Half Dollar PCGS Certified VF-20
A strong original VF.
Our price: $459.99

1913 Buffalo Nickel NGC Certified MS-65
A sharply struck original gem.
Our price: $139.99

1914 Barber Half Dollar PCGS Certified F-15 (CAC)
Nice original F-VF coin that has also been CAC certified.
Our price: $299.99

1915 Buffalo Nickel NGC Certified MS-65
A true gem with very attractive color.
Our price: $279.99

1916-D Mercury Dime PCGS Certified G-6
A Borderline Very Good.
Our price: $799.99

1927 Vermont Commemorative AU-50
Commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Battle Of Bennington. The Philadelphia mint struck just 28,142 pieces. A nice original coin.
Our price: $214.99

1937 Antietam Commemorative NGC Certified MS-65
Light original tone. Popular Civil War Commemorative.
Our price: $679.99

1937-D 3 Leg Buffalo Nickel NGC Certified VG-8
We feel this coin easily makes the "Fine" grade.
Our price: $529.99

1938-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar VF+-30
A nice original example with shaper than typical VF details.
Our price: $99.99

1941 Mercury Dime NGC Certified Proof-65
Lightly toned in some pastel and iridescent colors.
Our price: $189.99

1942-P War Nickel NGC Certified Proof-66
A true gem with light original tone.
Our price: $139.99

1857 Flying Eagle Cent Dies Clashed W/Seated Half Anacs Certified VF-20
FS-003, S-9 Variety. Nice original coin with the die clash being very clear.
Our price: $159.99

1908 Indian Cent NGC Certified MS-64 Brown
Sharply struck with a touch of original red.
Our price: $79.99

1909-VDB Lincoln Cent F-VF
Original medium brown color. Popular 1st year of issue.
Our price: $9.99

1909-VDB Lincoln Cent XF-AU
Sharp details. Wholesale price.
Our price: $12.49

1909-VDB Lincoln Cent BU-60+
Mostly Brown in color.
Our price: $19.99

1917-D TI Standing Liberty Quarter PCGS Certified VF-25
Original light grey color. Also has CAC certification sticker.
Our price: $119.99

1917-S TI Standing Liberty Quarter PCGS Certified VF-35
Nice original silver-grey color.
Our price: $149.99

1919-S Standing Liberty Quarter PCGS Certified VF-20
Original light grey surfaces.
Our price: $339.99

1998-S Silver Washington Quarter PCGS Certified Proof-70 Deep Cameo
Lists in the PCGS price guide at $105.00.
Our price: $69.99

1832 O-117 R-4/5 Bust Half Dollar XF-40
Rare variety. Nice original color. Ex. Superior Galleries/Sheridan Downey.
Our price: $399.99

1942-D Walking Liberty Half PCI Certified MS-63
Original but mostly brilliant. Though not one of the major grading services, we will PCI's grade here is spot on.
Our price: $79.99

1858 Franklin Half Dollar NGC Certified MS-66
A superb gem which has toning consistent with coins taken from original mint sets of the period.
Our price: $74.99

1921 Peace Dollar NGC Certified MS-64
Deeper golden brown tone on the obverse. Satiny luster.
Our price: $879.99

1935 Peace Dollar BU-60+
An ages old cleaning does not distract.
Our price: $65.99

1925 Stone Mt. Commemorative Half Dollar NGC Certified MS-65
A brilliant white gem example of this popular commemorative.
Our price: $194.99

1937 Texas Commemorative P-D-S Set BU-60
All three coins are brilliant but show some light hairlines from a past cleaning. Only 6600 or each mint were struck with many eventually entering circulation.
Our price: $359.99

2009 Canadian .50 Holiday Toy Train
Mint issued hologram coin. With all OGP.
Our price: $29.99

(1796) Catorland Medal Silver Restrike AU-55
Matte surfaces with Paris mint edge markings. These have been re-struck with copy dies in France for over 150 years. This piece is one of the more recent restrikes. Listed in the Red Book.
Our price: $69.99

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