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MintProducts.com :: Customer Reward Program
Customer Reward Program

Customer Reward Program Basics

As simple as 1, 2, 3!
1. Log into your MintProducts.com account.
2. Place an order to earn points.
3. Use your Customer Reward Points as payment - giving you a discount or free product and earning you more points!  

How does the Customer Reward Program Work?
In order to participate in the program, customers must register with MintProducts.com and create a username and password prior to placing their first order. Customers who are already registered with us do not have to create a new profile. With each purchase made while logged into the website or over the phone, points can be earned and used as payment on future online purchases.
All products are set to receive a fixed amount of points regardless of the dollar value of the product. The point value of a product is determined by and is at the discretion of MintProducts.com and can change at any time. By placing an order you are agreeing to the rules of the Customer Reward Program and the Terms and Conditions. Earned points are calculated when the order is marked as "Shipped." You will only be able to use your Reward Points from your most recent order after it is shipped.
Customer purchases (1) 40mm Airtite at $1.15 and (1) 2012 Uncirculated Silver Eagle at real time pricing. Total Points received = 6 points.

Example Explanation:
1 point for the Air-Tite and 5 points for the Silver Eagle.
How do I Pay my Order with Customer Reward Points?
When customers are logged into MintProducts.com they have the option to "Pay with Reward Points" at checkout. If your points do not cover the total amount of the order, less the shipping and handling, you will need to use a second form of payment. Reward Points cannot be used towards shipping and handling costs. We prefer you place orders online when Paying with Points, however, points can be used on phone orders as well.

When redeeming points $1.00 equals 100 points; example: 500 points = $5.00.

Your order subtotal, prior to shipping costs being added, is $349.99. You have accumulated 1,000 points on past orders. 1,000 Points = $10.00

Your order subtotal total is now $339.99 (not including shipping costs) and another form of payment must be used. You also earn points for placing this order, but they can only be used on future purchases.
         Earning Points
How do I Earn Customer Reward Points?
There are currently 4 ways to earn points:
          1. Purchasing products online.
          2. Referring a friend to make a purchase.
          3. Signing up to receive our email newsletter.
          4. Adding a Customer Review to a product on our website.





How to Earn Points

Number of Points Earned

Make a Purchase

Points Earned is based on Product Purchased*

Refer a Friend

Points Worth 10% of Friends Order Subtotal

Sign Up to Receive Email Newsletter

100 Points

Review a Product on the Website

25 Points Per Review

                                         *Exceptions may apply with certain products.





How do I Earn Points with the Refer-A-Friend Option?
Registered customers can refer friends to our website to purchase our products. When your "friend" places their first order, you receive 10% of their order subtotal in points. Points are only earned on the first order your “friend” places and not on any future orders. You must be logged into MintProducts.com in order to refer a friend. You can refer up to three friends at a time.

How do I Signup to Receive MintProducts.com Emails?
Customers can sign up for our Email Newsletter that offers coupon codes (5% off, etc), sale products, and promotions at the time of registration. Alternatively, customers can enter their email address HERE ON THIS PAGE to be added to our email list.


How do I Review a Product?
Customers can review a product by clicking the “Write Review” tab on the product page they would like to review. Please use your  full name or your MintProducts.com username when writing a review so points can properly be awarded. Points will not be awarded if we do not know who wrote the review.
Please only review products you have purchased from MintProducts.com after you have received your order. If customers review products before receiving them the review will automatically be denied and points will not be awarded. Reviews will be approved by an administrator. Once your review has been approved you will receive your points in 7 business days.
  When do I Receive my Points for  Signing Up for the Email Newsletter or Reviewing a Product?

Points will be applied to your account manually by an administrator within 7 business days of performing one of these tasks.

    Reward Point Information


How can I Keep Track of my Reward Points?
A Reward Points total is available for viewing upon logging into your MintProducts.com account. On the right side of the website you will see the "Reward Points" box with your points total and their value when redeeming them at checkout. The customer must be logged in to see their points and the Reward Points box.

Your points total and value is also available under the “Modify Profile” page located on the “My Account” page when logged in. Your points total will be at the top of the “Modify Profile” page in this case.

Please be aware that the invoice you receive with your order may not accurately reflect your points as invoices are often printed before points are applied.
Do my Reward Points Expire?
At this time, points do not expire. The value of Customer Reward Points at checkout can be changed without prior notice at any time. The Customer Reward Program can be terminated without notice by MintProducts.com and points would no longer be valid, nor redeemable as they do not hold a cash value.
When I Return an Item or Order for a Refund, can I get the Reward Points that I Used Back?
On returned and refunded orders, points paid and points earned are awarded back to the customer at the discretion of MintProducts.com, and are on a case by case basis.

         Program Rules

- Point Value of Specific Products, Earned Point Ratio, and Pay By Point Ratio are subject to change without notice.
- Reward Points cannot be used towards shipping and handling charges.
- Reward Points are non-transferable, cannot be exchanged for cash, and may be cancelled or modified at anytime without prior notice.
- Reward Points cannot be exchanged between accounts. Please do not create multiple accounts.
- Reward Points can be added to accounts for a fee of 25%. If you failed to log in or created an account after placing guest orders, we will transfer 75% of your points upon request.
- Please be aware you may not receive the full value or any points for special or discounted orders.
- Program Rules and Specifications, as well as Point Values, are subject to change without prior notice.
- Program start date is 04-05-2012. Orders placed or actions taken previous to this date are not eligible to earn points.
- Points do not expire at this time.
- Program can be terminated by MintProducts.com at anytime without prior notice.

    Member Profile Information
What if I Don't Remember my Username or Password?
To recover your password you can use the “Recover Password” prompt at the MintProducts.com login screen. An email will be sent to you so you can reset your password. If you do not remember your username, you can call us during business hours (9AM - 5PM ET) and one of our representatives will happily supply your log in name and/or password.



What if I have Multiple Usernames?
If you have multiple logins, we ask that you use the same one for all your orders from this point forward. Feel free to contact us during business hours if you need help with your log in information. Points accumulated on multiple profiles cannot be transferred or combined. Any exceptions are made at the discretion of MintProducts.com

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