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MintProducts.com, Internet Coin Dealer, Bedford, NH
MintProducts.com :: U.S. PROOF SETS 1936-2019 :: 1999-2008 Proof Sets :: Proof Coin Bonanza - Priced At Under Wholesale Bid - The More You Buy The More You Save!

Proof Coin Bonanza - Priced At Under Wholesale Bid - The More You Buy The More You Save!

Proof Coin Bonanza - Priced At Under Wholesale Bid - The More You Buy The More You Save!
$9.49 Each
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  • Free Shipping on orders over $100

  • Gem Proof Coins - Including Deep Cameos - Priced At Up To 25% Under Wholesale Bid - As Little As 20 Cents Per Coin! Choose Your Amount Above In The Drop Down Menu And We Will Do The Rest!

    Because we break up hundreds of proof sets to make our complete sets, we have accumulated thousands of these gem proofs. To make room for all the coming new arrivals we are going to move them out at under wholesale. Each lot will be priced at under current greysheet bid and the more bid amount you buy the more you will save. That's about half or more off normal retail!

    You can receive gem proof cents, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, Half Dollars and Dollars (mixture is our choice). Each lot will have silver proofs (larger dollar amounts), deep cameo proofs and even coins still in their mint issued plastic holders!

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    • Author: Sean Wozniak
      Great variety of proofs. Some coins were in the original lenses. Mostly new proofs, but some were a bit older, including a 1976 Eisenhower and a 1968D Kennedy. Great product.
    • Author: Curtis Helton
      Excellent proof coins in these lots. I just ordered my second lot. It would be nice if you all could give the coin count on each lot selected. My first order was the $50 lot and recieved 50 proofs. I just ordered the $100 lot and it would be nice if I knew how many coins I am going to receive. Thanks a lot Excellent product!!
    • Author: gary ventrone
      This will be my 2nd order of this product and can hardly wait to see what treasures are in this one!
    • Author: Daniel Schroeder
      An utter novice at coin collecting, this is the first time I have bought anything from a dealer and the first time I've seen a proof coin. I bought the lot thinking it could kick-start my collection. I think this was a good idea. I got 42 proofs, mostly recent but one as old as 1969. My lot included 9 dollars.
      Awesome lot of proofs. Got a little bit of everything: silver proofs, penny, nickel, quarter, half dollar, and presidential dollar proofs. Will definitely buy more.
    • Author: Bryant Randolph
      Best way to start collecting coins Awesome!!!
    • Author: John Will
      I ordered the $50 lot and received a total of 55 proofs. I got 2 silver state quarters, 2 silver dimes and the rest were clad half dollars, presidential dollars, a Sacajawea dollar, quarters, a 2002 clad proof quarter set, dimes, nickels and pennies. The dates ranged from 1969 through 2009. Only one coin had an extremely obvious blemish (a 1969 nickel had a large spot of corrosion almost the size of Jefferson's face). The rest either looked perfect, had slight toning, or had tiny blemishes noticeable only under magnification. Overall, I'm very pleased and look forward to receiving my next order.
    • Author: Princeton Coin & Bullion
      Mint Products is one of our go to wholesale Dealers. The competitive pricing on quality merchandise and the amazing team to execute and deliver a level of customer service not widely practiced. We are and always will be loyal customers...

      Thank you for continuously raising the bar on the quality of merchandise, your diverse inventory and to the team that makes it all come together.

      Bruce Vinci
    • Author: David Forest
      Very pleased will be buying more keep up the good work !!
    • Author: Charles Fultz
      WOW. My order arrived on time. I received 53 coins all in excellent condition. 1 silver dollar, 5 Kennedy halves, a proof set of 5 state quarter still in their original holder and a great mix of quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies.
      I did not get one repeat of any coin. I will get another one of these if still offered.
    • Author: Timothy Wright
      I ordered the $50 lot and it came with the following 7 Lincoln Cents, 11 Jefferson Nichols, 10 Roosevelt Dimes (1 was Silver), 2 Washington Quarters, 13 State Quarters,2 National Park Quarters (1 was Silver), 5 Kennedy Half Dollars (1 was Silver), 1 Presidential Dollar Set. Three had light toning but the rest were very nice. I will buy more.
    • Author: Charles Fultz
      I now have my second order of the Proof Bonanza and I am so happy that I purchased this again. The quality of the coins is so good with a great selection. Much different them my first order. I just may have to get another one soon. Thanks MP!
    • Author: Elizabeth Frazier
      Lots of pennies and clads with this order but a fair amount of silvers. Nothing to get too excited about but my money was not wasted. I did the $250 order based on the reviews.I think a smaller amount would have served my needs.
    • Author: bud medoff
      i got a great selection with the $250 selection and just re-upped with a $500 selection. It's pretty cool because you get a lot of proofs and you don't know what the content is going to be. MP is the best site! I've bought a lot from them and I've also sold coins back to them. They are very generous and fair when selling back to them.
    • Author: Howard Josephson
      This was my second order of coins from Mint Products. I was once again very happy with the service and products I received. This time I tried a small order of Proof Coin Bonanza. Received quite a mix and was extremely happy. It was well worth the costs.
    • Author: Steve Whaley
      Really nice proof coins! I got a nice mixture of US pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, dollars, and a couple commemoratives minted from 1970 to present. All were in 2x2 cardboard holders.
    • Author: John Will
      I was so happy with my $50 lot, I ordered the $250 lot. This lot had a ton of coins in it, with a good number of silvers. I even got a couple of Franklin half dollar proofs. My only disappointment was that I must have gotten literally a handful of 2000 - 2002 pennies and dimes, over a dozen a piece each.
    • Author: cosimo livio
    • Author: Ken Ayres
      Just received my $100 bid worth of proof coins...WOW!!...I could not have been more pleased. I was thrilled to find two silver clad Ike dollar coins and a 1968D clad Kennedy half dollar. I will be back for more.
    • Author: April Dozhier
      I chose the $5.00 lot and received 7 proofs: a 1990 Kennedy half, 2 dimes (1972 and 1980), 2 nickels (1972 and 2005) and 1 2005 Lincoln cent.
    • Author: David Rodgers
      Terrific selection of products. All have been in top notch quality. The packaging is first rate. I am very impressed with all they have to offer.The variety of my collections continue to increase with all the coins and currency I have purchased from them.
    • Author: Jerry Shinn
      I was astounded at the values of the coins that I received. It was truly a bonanza!!
    • Author: Jerry Shinn
      Not the value as last lot I purchased but still, an excellent deal
    • Author: Tomislav Senzel
      Just received first order of the "bonanza proofs" and am very pleased with selection. Ordering another one as soon as I finish this review. Great job guys
    • Author: Tomislav Senzel
      Second time I ordered and this time twice as much as the first time. Wasn't disappointed again. Great variety and large number of coins. Will order again.
    • Author: JOEREED123
      A nice selection of proofs. From a 2000 penny all the way to a 2010 Kennedy half. Satisfied for a $10 purchase!!!
    • Author: Joe Reed
      Ordered the $50 lot. Received 41 proof coins. Highlights of the lot included a 1976 Eisenhower and Kennedy proof; a real nice Sacagewa commemorative. 7 penny's in the lot. A couple coins might not have been gem proof. Overall, a good value. Can't beat the quick shipping.
    • Author: Greg Gibney
      Great selection of coins, several silver quarters and dimes. will order again.
    • Author: David Warner
      really good deal! I got 10 coins for 2 bids of $5.00. 1-JFK 1-40% dime, all nice coins
    • Author: Mitchell Williams
      Outstanding products more than satisfied with every product I receive from Mint Products I wish I were the only one who knew about them. Their products are outstanding at a more than fair price. Thank you Mint Products.
    • Author: Stephen Bolin
      Was very happy with the selection. Ordered the smaller $25 lot to see what it would be like and received every denomination from pennies to dollars. No silver like others stated they received, but I will definitely order more soon. Great value.
    • Author: Raevyn Goates
      Bought $5 just to get an idea, and was pleasantly surprised to see that one of the coins I got back was a Sacajawea dollar.
    • Author: Glenn B.
      Got a $5 set for free with a sale! Received a 1970 large date cent, 1979 nickel, 1973 dime, 2013 Fort McHenry quarter, and a 1983 half. Couldn't be more pleased! THANK YOU MP!
    • Author: Michael Reagan
      I'm happy with the $10 lot, I got a good variety of coins including a presidential quarter. My first time ordering here and it won't be my last.
    • Author: steve atterton
      i had already bought 2 of the hundred and fifty dollar lots, so i tried a hundred dollar one this time and i was disappointed at myself not m.p. i still got a good amount but if i order again, i will go for the five hundred lot and see what i will get then. you can't beat this deal as they really are proof coins, every one of them. i love it and like somebody else said when the package comes it is like Christmas, it really is. i just hope they always stay below everyone elses prices and their business will still be here for generation's to come!
    • Author: harley crawford
      I Ordered 3 bids. All coin Were Proof Gems. Most of the dates were ones I wanted anyway. A nice mix Sacagawea, Kennedy, Pennies, Dimes and Nickels.
    • Author: KATHLEEN GEYER
      I bought a $50.00 Bonanza package before, I was so impressed with the coins I recieved I'm buying another $100.00 package for myself, Christmas to me.
      The 1st set included dollar coins, half dollars, a half dollar commem, quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies, also some silver coins, all are proofs. Thanks for the great deal.
    • Author: Charles Fultz
      This is now my third Proof Coin Bonanza. I ordered $100.00 and I'm so glad I did. The selection was better and there is several Silver proof dimes, quarters and Halfs.
      This is a good way start a collection of proof quality coins. I highly recommend it.
    • Author: Craig E Anderson
      Have ordered a $100 set and and $50 set. Both were very nice assortments. Though I found the $100 to be a bigger bang for the buck. But not by a huge margin. Considering the $250 set next just to see the spread of types in that one. Though I am concerned by some of the reviews that it has an over abundance of pennies.haha. But, will most likely still give it a go.
    • Author: Caleb Bolling
      I am extremely satisfied with my order, for a total of $27.98 including shipping I received 18 proof coins, including a 2016-S silver Harper's Ferry America the Beautiful quarter, and a 2004-S silver half dollar
    • Author: Kelli Kline
      I am very pleased with my order. I will be buying more items from you folks. Thank tu ou!!!
    • Author: Demy Eliptico
      These are becoming my favorite purchase from mintproducts. I will complete my proof coins by just buying proof Bonanzas.
    • Author: Stephen Barber
      I ordered the $25 lot and was so pleased that my next order will be the $50 lot. I have purchased many coins from MP in the past 3 years and have never been disappointed.
    • Author: michael cornelius
      Purchased 2 $10.00 lots. The shipping and delivery came early. I received, 1986 nation of immigrants half dollar s, 2002 Sacajawea s, Willard Fillmore 1 dollar gold clad, 1968 quarter s, 2010 grand canyon quarter s,1974 dime s, 2005 penny s, 2004 Kennedy half s, 1970 dime s, 1990 dime s, 1997 dime s, 1998 nickel s, 2009 nickel s, 2000 nickel s, 1971 penny s. All of them came in individual plastic folders with no fingerprints.
    • Author: William Freeman
      Just received my Proof Coin Bonanza... VERY nice! And prompt delivery. Silver coins, silver sets, beautiful older coins. Will order more!
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