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Silver Eagle Anniversary Sets

The silver eagle program began in 1986 as a way for the public to invest in silver. The U.S. Mint also issued proof silver eagles for collectors, but collectors were drawn to the standard issues as well. With numismatists thirsty for different variations of silver eagles, the mint has been happy to oblige with their anniversary sets and more.

10th Anniversary - In 1995, the U.S. Mint celebrated the 10th anniversary of the American Eagle program by issuing an anniversary set. The set included a special "W" mint mark proof silver eagle (the standard proof had a "P" mint mark) as well as a four piece proof gold eagle set. All five coins came housed in a velvet display case and storage box. Only 30,125 of the sets were sold and it didn't take long for numismatists to realize that the low mintage silver eagle would become the key to the entire series. Once the sets started hitting the market place prices rose quickly with the value of the silver eagle alone skyrocketing to many times what standard proof 1995 silver eagle sold for. Since those early days, interest in the first anniversary set has not waned, and today is most often referred to simply as the "95-W" set.

20th Anniversary - In 2006, three piece silver eagle sets, as well as a three piece gold eagle, and two piece silver and gold eagle 20th anniversary sets were issued. In the three piece sets, the U.S. Mint included a "reverse proof" eagle which has mirrored devices and frosted fields - the opposite or "reverse" of a normal proof coin. The sets were limited to a maximum production of 250,000 with a 10 sets per household limit. The entire run of 20th anniversary silver eagle sets sold out in two weeks. Shortly after the sets hit the secondary market, prices began to rise as collectors realized the importance of the unique reverse proof. The 20th anniversary coins continue to enjoy great popularity with collectors of modern coinage.

25th Anniversary - With 2011 came the 25th anniversary of the silver eagle program and another popular set. The 25th anniversary set includes five 2011 coins, with two being unique to the set. As in 2006, the mint included a reverse proof format as well as a San Francisco mint issue with an "S" mint mark. The San Francisco issue is important as all other silver eagles struck at that mint in 2011 did not carry a mint mark. Just 100,000 sets were issued and even with a five sets per household limit, they sold out in less than five hours! Because the quick sellout was anticipated, the sets were actually bringing over issue price before they were offered for sale! With the two unique coins and a very low mintage, it is a given that these coins will see the same or greater demand than their earlier siblings.

75th Anniversary - 2012 marks the 75th anniversary of the San Francisco mint. To celebrate its anniversary the San Francisco mint produced a special two coin proof Silver Eagle set bearing the “S” mint mark that includes one proof Silver Eagle and one “reverse” proof Silver Eagle. The “reverse” proof coin is an invert of the standard coin and features mirrored devices on frosted fields. These special two coin proof sets were only sold for four weeks by the US Mint and struck on demand. The official unaudited mintage number for the San Francisco Anniversary sets is 224,981.

75th Anniversary  - 2013 was the 75th anniversary of the West Point Mint. To celebrate its anniversary the West Point Mint produced a special two coin Silver Eagle set bearing the “W” mint mark that includes the first ever Enhanced Finish Silver Eagle and one “Reverse” Proof Silver Eagle. The enhanced finish silver eagle features three finishes: light frosted, mirrored brilliant, and heavy frosted. On the obverse, the lines on Lady Liberty's dress, the red and blue parts of the American Flag, and the mountains in front of the sun have a brilliant mirrored finish while the rest of the obverses devices have the heavy frosted finish. On the reverse, oak branch, arrows, and ribbon all have a brilliant mirrored finish, while the remaining devices have the heavy frosted finish. The fields (background) on both sides feature the new light frosted finish. The official unaudited mintage number for the San Francisco Anniversary sets is 281,310.