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MintProducts.com :: TYPE COINS :: All Type Coins :: Terrific Wheat Cent Bags - 500 Pieces

Terrific Wheat Cent Bags - 500 Pieces

Terrific Wheat Cent Bags - 500 Pieces
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  • 500 Coin Bags Chock Full Of "S" Mints, Early Dates + Steel Cents.

    Not minted since 1958 these coins have all but disappeared from circulation and, unlike todays Lincoln cents, are nearly pure copper. We feel these coins are such a good value we've been buying just about every one we can get our hands on. We have bought unsearched bags, partial sets, UNC rolls, steel cents, full bags of "S" mints and you name it. We then took the whole group and mixed them in a huge bin to make a hoard of some 100,000 coins and we are still adding to it!

    When you order from this hoard we Guarantee you will get cents from the teens, 20's, 30's, "S" mints, steel cents, BU coins and who knows? We took a sample handful and nearly every other coin was one of those listed above!

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    • Author: Jory Lloyd
      I ordered 1000 Wheats and just finished the initial sort. I received nearly 500 50's, more than 300 40's, just over 50 1943 steelies, a little over 100 30"s, about 25 20's, 25 10's and one Barber Dime. A few are damaged, drilled, or have unreadable dates making them fairly worthless.
    • Author: thomas pollick sr.
      I ordered the 500 piece wheat cents and found everything they said I would PLUS they were clean !! In the past, when I have ordered from other companies they were corroded and badly worn!!! THESE WERE CLEAN AND IN GOOD CONDITION. I PLAN TO BUY MORE !!!!!
    • Author: Cindy Rolfe
      I ordered the 500 piece wheat cents, and found everything that was promised. I was very happy with them and plan to order more.
    • Author: Adam Nelch
      Lot's of fun treasure hunting--in the first 50 examined
      I found 2 I did not have and 2 bettr examples of years I did have.
    • Author: Richard Peasel
      Out of a bag of 500, there was one each for 1918, 1917, & 1919. there was two "S" coin, a two "D" coins out of 500. There was very little dispersion of dates with about or over 50 coins in the following dates 1936, 1935, 1926, 1925, 1929. and 1943. There was about 80 pennies from the 1950's. Out of 500 Pennies the following years had no pennies. 7 years in the teens, 5 years in the twenties, and 6 years in the 1930's. I am not sure what I am going to do with 300 pennies with only 4 different dates. On the plus side most of the pennies ranged from G to VF with a few in the XF and AU per D Bowers "Grading Coins by Photographs"
    • Author: kelsschn
      The wheat pennies came in a sturdy bag. I ordered some albums to put them in. I was able to fill in all but 2 pennies in the 1941-1972 album (I found the memorials seperatly). Overall the pennies are the best item I ordered. :)
    • Author: Ned
      Received my order of 500 wheat cents today 10/26/13. Predominately 40's and 50's. Here's the breakdown - 25 teens, 14 - twenties, 20 - 30's, 40's - 208, 50's - 217, steelies - 13, memorial - 2, and Canadian - 13. Overall, i'm satisfied. I did receive 4 - 1909's. Just was hoping for some more earlier dates. Will order another bag.
    • Author: justin valentini
      The wheat pennies I ordered were the best mix I have ever gotten with of 70 teens in the bag and 3 1909's! All coins were clean and I am very pleased with my purchace and have since order 2000 more!!!
    • Author: Kris
      Great finds! Awesome! A+!!!
    • Author: Scott K.
      Lots of fun stuff here.

      As a coin collector or hoarder, there's nothing like getting a big bag of old coins delivered to your doorstep.

      Hooray for Mintproducts!
    • Author: David Rodgers
      Very good selection of coins.
      Many "S" and "D" mint marks.
      My daughter enjoying searching for them.
      Going get a second bag of coins this week
    • Author: jay
      I got some very nice Coin very happy with the product will order again
    • Author: John Catalano
      Great selection of wheat cents. I ordered the 500 coin bag and am delighted. There were a few damaged cents but I expected that. (22) cents were from the 1914's through 1919's, (48) were from the 1920 through 1929, (57) were from the 1930's through 1939, (18) were from 1943P,D+S mints with the remainder from the 1940' and 1950's. Condition ranged from G-4 to MS-60. Lots of enjoyment going through these with my wife. Will buy again. Thanks for the fun Mint Products.
    • Author: Mitchell Williams
      Outstanding products more than satisfied with every product I receive from Mint Products I wish I were the only one who knew about them. Their products are outstanding at a more than fair price. Thank you Mint Products.
    • Author: Donald
      A great buy. TWO indian head cents in nice shape, about 30 steel cents, most AU or BU, lots of variety, clean coins, only a couple had slight damage. Great family entertainment at the coin book table.
    • Author: Glenn B.
      In the 500 coin bag that I received there were: 36 from 1909-1919, 55 from the 20's, 90 from the 30's, 144 from the 40's, which included 29 steel cents, and 182 from the 50's. All were nice clean coins. The majority were P mints, but lots of other mint marks as well. As advertised, a great variety! Very pleased with this purchase!
    • Author: Robert Lysek
      Nice mixture of wheat cents well worth the price. I'll order more for sure.
    • Author: michael r. pierce
      good afternoon,
      I am here to tell you that you should never get a bad review I wait for your coins because I know to expect the greatest treasure hunt as far as wheat cents. you guys are the best you sell many times better than anyone I've ordered from on the bay.I just received 1500 coins and a silver dime a fantastic 1927 AU many many teens 20's 30's and yes beautiful steel penny's this last bag for me came in at 50% good coins awesome coins guys I oreder another 5.000 not to long ago thank you thank you.

      michael r. pierce
    • Author: Joseph Priester
      As expected, lots of common dates in the two orders I placed, lots of steelies, mostly G-VG; the first order had ONE 1909 (it is a VDB) but it barely mustered Good condition, though it did have a nice 1906 Indian Head (VG), pleasant surprise. NO 1909 in the second order, though I did get 4 1910s in G-VG. For both sets I did like the 1930s (1930S,1931P,1932P/D, 1934D,1938D/S,1939D) and had some decent teens (1915D/P,1916S) and twenties (1925D/S,1926D,1928D). Overall decent considering there were more than 500 (about 515) in each and maybe a couple junk pennies in the batch - average 8 cents per penny with a fair amount of VF and above to AU. Decent value, though not magnificent.
    • Author: philip myers
      well, I scored a 1909-VDB, it is somewhat beat up, but the reverse was really clean. It had a nice tone, and legible print. I'm getting more to see what happens.
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